Navigating the Tiber: How to Help Your Friends and Family Journey Towards the Catholic Faith

For Protestants considering the Catholic Church, the journey across the Tiber River to Rome can be long and perilous, filled with many obstacles and detours. For Catholics who want to help them make the crossing, often it isn’t enough to give the right arguments, proof texts, or book recommendations—you have to journey with them.


In Navigating the Tiber, Devin Rose (author of The Protestant’s Dilemma) draws from his own experience as a convert and Catholic apologist to help you guide your Protestant friends and family members on that harrowing river voyage. Not only does he equip you with the knowledge—from Scripture, the early Church, and Christian history—you’ll need to answer their questions and challenges, he shows you how to deal with the common aspects of a convert’s journey, including:

  • The best subjects to talk about—and avoid—plus the right order to put them in
  • The five biggest non-doctrinal problems that keep Protestants out of the Church
  • What to do when their anti-Catholic friends pressure them
  • Adapting your efforts to their particular Protestant tradition
  • The importance of continual prayer and friendship, whether they convert or not

The river to Rome is unruly but crossable; read Navigating the Tiber and help your friends and family have smoother sailing on their way to Christ’s Church.


“In our zeal to win souls for Christ we can burn bridges with our zeal. Rather than burning bridges, why not learn to navigate the waters?  Devin Rose is an excellent guide for leading others to the other side of the Tiber into the bosom of Holy Mother Church.” – Taylor Marshall, PhD, President of the New Saint Thomas Institute


“The waters that separate our respective Christian communities can often be as treacherous as they can be alluring. For this reason, Navigating the Tiber is must reading for anyone who cares about Catholicism and how to better understand and dialogue with those outside the Barque of Peter.” –Francis J. Beckwith, Professor of Philosophy & Church-State Studies, Baylor University

“Navigating the Tiber is one of those rare books that is both intensely practical and deeply profound. Drawing from years of personal experience and a deep understanding of scripture, history, and theology, Rose skillfully shows us how to gracefully interact with non-Catholic Christians in a way that will draw them toward the Church. Highly recommended!” —Don Johnson, President, Don Johnson Evangelistic Ministries