New Catholic Answer Bible

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Beautiful leather bible with the rosary embossed on the back cover.

No book in the history of the world has wielded as much influence on humankind as the Holy Bible.

What makes The New Catholic Answer Bible, NAB Revised Edition so unique is the answers to questions about Catholic beliefs and practices and their foundation in Scripture. From Where Did the Bible come? and Are the Seven Sacraments in the Bible? to Are Catholics “Born Again”? and Why Do Catholic Bibles Have Seventy-three Books?, these eighty-eight diverse topics answer tough questions Catholics are asked. The New Catholic Answer Bible, NAB Edition is a wonderful gift for a family member or friend who is in the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) or has recently joined the Church.

The New Catholic Answer Bible, NAB Edition is perfect for those who want to:

– Learn more about the Catholic Faith
– Increase their knowledge of Scripture and deepen their appreciation for it
– Better respond when others ask them about the Catholic Church and its teachings